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We are a Global Partnership for Human-Centered Technology

We are a Global Partnership for
Human-Centered Technology

Working together to

Protect the Phygital World, Help Nations Prosper, and Prepare Future Generations.

Protect the Phygital World,
Help Nations Prosper, and
repare Future Generations.

Our Purpose 01.

Protecting the
Phygital Physical and Digital

Technology is rapidly advancing, making the physical and digital worlds more tightly interwoven. Digital disasters caused by unregulated AI or lax cyber-security pose a global existential threat on a par with climate change. The physical world requires more than sustainability. 

It needs what we call beyond-sustainability. 

We foster a worldwide collaboration dedicated to advancing human-centered technology, prioritizing the sustainability of the phygital worlds and the well-being of humanity.

Our Purpose 02.

Prosperous Nations

Many may argue that environmental and social impacts don’t go well with economic growth. We believe otherwise.

 Our global network of investors and funders is shaping a new tech investment landscape promoting beyond-sustainability across nations, especially supporting the digital economies of emerging countries.

Our Purpose 03.

Preparing Future Generations

We promote cross-border, cross-sector, and cross-discipline collaborations. Our global REII (Research, Education, Innovation, and Investment) platform empowers young people around the world to become purpose-driven innovators, technologist, and entrepreneurs.

Go Beyond

Why HumanX

A new vision, a new fund, and a brand-new impact created together by HumanX. 

Join us and go beyond.

Who We Are

What HumanX is

A global alliance, empowering technology with purpose.

HumanX Funds

How HumanX Make Changes

Aiming to change the tech investment landscape and the digital economy agenda to make a real impact on people and nations.

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