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Setting the Standards.

Investing the Funds.

Monitoring the Impact.

Our Vision


Building a global ecosystem that enables nations to put the priorities of their digital economies to beyond-sustainability.


Sustainability for the phygital world.
Using human-centered technology, we aim to create economic prosperity while simultaneously enhancing sustainability and wellbeing.

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Digital transformation will soon see all companies operating in the phygital world as part of the digital economy.

How Can the Cross Economy Help Companies Achieve Beyond-Sustainability?

Cross economy business opportunities promote the goals of beyond-sustainability – sustainability x wellbeing x prosperity

Examples: Market value comparison across the value chain of the cross economy

Digital-ESG (DESG) acts as an extra layer of ESG for the digital economy.

DESG helps companies and investors to achieve beyond-sustainability in the phygital world through Cross Economy

Digital-ESG (DESG) Standards

Guideline for Investors on Human-Centered Technology


Digital-Related Opportunities


Digital-Related Risks

HumanX Communities

HumanX coordinates the following three functions:

1. Setting Standards

HumanX Standards Community

Co-creates and applies global DESG standards and influences national and international policies through TDFD.

2. Investing Funds

HumanX Fund and HumanX Innovation Communities

Through the DESG Fund facilitates DESG investment on the REII platform.

3. Monitoring Impact

All HumanX Communities

Measures, tracks, and creates impact through the DESG Index and Impact Management System.

DQ Institute Ltd serves as the secretariat for HumanX 

Global REII Platform

Sparking Cross-Border, Cross-Sector, and Cross-Discipline Innovation

HumanX Innovation connects like-minded universities and innovation hubs around the world in collaboration with HumanX Funds.

The REII Platform enables global innovation-sharing within our ecosystem through mutual technologies, commercialization, and co-investment.

Global REII Platform

Joint research will demonstrate strong potential for innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization.

Global education promotes joint degree opportunities, exchange visits, and business plan competitions for students.

Global innovation-sharing platforms will be built to promote mutual technologies and commercialization.

HumanX Funds can identify and co-invest in target technology and deal-sourcing within the ecosystem.

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