Achieving Beyond-Sustainability

Reinventing Global Tech Investment & the Digital Economy Agenda with Digital-ESG

A New


in Tech


where DESG Standards
mean benefits for all.

HumanX Funds

The world’s first fund of funds for Digital-ESG

The HumanX Funds invest in tech funds or companies based on the DESG standards.

Common Pool.
Common Interest.
Common Goal.

We all share the fruits of the investments.

Our HumanX Funds benefit every member of the DESG fund family, including the related universities and innovation hubs.

The HumanX Partnership can join the HumanX funds:

Digital-ESG investment mandates will be embedded throughout the investment process to maximize digital opportunities while mitigating digital risks. 

The VC funds will be highly encouraged to align proactively with and support target countries’ digital economy’s Digital-ESG agenda to improve nations’ sustainability and well-being. 

The HumanX Funds investment will mutually benefit all members of the VC funds family and ecosystem by sharing the overall profits through the DESG Common Pool Fund. 

HumanX Funds:

Funds FamilyDESG Investment ThemeProgramsTarget Fund Size
DESG Climate-Tech-FundDESG 1:Sustainable Digital transformation of traditional industriesClimate Technopreneurship FundUSD 200M
DESG 2: Transformation of waste /neglected materials for the futureCross Economy FundUSD 400M
DESG Edu-Tech-FundDESG 3: Education technology for democratization of digital skilling for the massesPowered-by-DQ FundUSD 50M
DESG Digital-Inclusion-FundDESG 5: Metaverse youth empowermentProject 1 Trust FundUSD 10M

Climate Technopreneurship Fund

Target Fund Size: 200 Mill USD

LP: Green Climate Fund (GCF), Korea Development Bank (KDB)

Coordinating partners: Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea

Description: Building a Collaborative Research, Development, and Business (R&DB) Programme to Promote Climate Technopreneurship in five ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Viet Nam, Philippines, Cambodia, and Laos)

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